Why does my ex boyfriend keep looking for me and asking for my number while he has a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend?


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  • It's impossible to know. Maybe he wants to get back together. Maybe he wants to have sex with you. Maybe he just wants to talk.


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  • Because he's not over you or he wants a easy fuck. Not saying your an easy fuck but the fact he has a past history with you. Stick your ground block him. He will try ruin your relationship

    • Those are some incredible mind-reading abilities. And you don't even know his name. Amazing.

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    • Trust me he doesn't want you for anything more. If he missed you that much he would of never found someone else. Be happy with your new man

    • I think you right and yes i will stay with my new man...

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  • maybe he wants to talk to you, or contact you for something important. maybe he misses you.


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