Why does my ex boyfriend seem more comfortable doing things now that we're friends than when we were together :o D: ?

Ok, so about a month ago ( I can't believe it's been that long) I had broke up with my boyfriend because I didn't think our relationship was working out (yes, I know that's a stupid reason :/ ) and we remained friends. Anyways, when we were in a relationship, it was kind of boring because we really didn't do anything but hug sometimes and he would kiss me on the cheek ( :P ) but that's about it :/ . Now today as friends, he stares and smiles at me a lot and flirts with me a lot as well and he also teases me and jokes around with me. So, why does my ex boyfriend seem more comfortable doing things now that we're friends than we were together? :o D: please no rude comments. @PrettyRican @Applefan1 @smahala1991 and @Paris13 can you answer this one as well :)
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  • I would say he feels less pressure when he does not have a girlfriend. When he has a girlfriend he is worried about what to do and doing the correct things by you. When you are just friends with him he feels less pressure and feels more like he can be himself.


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  • Being you both had started out as friends, even as two birds of a feather who stuck together in a relationship, now that you have been a part for awhile, he is still feeling the reeling, @Ashely_Princess, feels comfy with you because he knows you are these friends to the end, if anything, and will make more effort himself, if back in the love nest again.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Hii!!
    You actually tag me 2 times.. LOL!
    Well some people say that it feels more comfortable being friends. Instead of being in a relationship. Maybe he feels better and relax being friends. Plus doesn't feel the pressure of trying to impress you.

    • Lol oh I didn't notice and cool, thanks sis :)

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    • Oooh I seen what happen you put my old user name PrettyRican NOT my new one until now @RicanEyes 😜😜😜

    • Ohh I see now lol

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