What's cure for broken heart?

What's the cure for broken heart? What can you do for your heart if it goes on bleeding after anything... How to forget ur woman/man?πŸ’”


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  • 2 romantic comedies
    3 alcoholic beverages of your choice
    3.5 quarts of ice cream - your choice of flavor
    1 gym membership
    6 months

    Directions: Consume romantic comedies, alcoholic beverages, and ice cream in one of two ways:

    1. Divide portions equally to last a 3-7 days
    2. Consume all in one sitting

    Join a gym to work off the ice cream and alcoholic beverages and continue on to reach peak physical form.

    Continue gym membership and occasional ice cream/alcohol for 6 months.

    The end.

    • I never be in bed with another, I never smoke or I never drink too... But I guess I have to start gym :/ And follow a diciplined schedule being directed by a trainer... Thank you!!

    • I didn't suggest smoking or sleeping around. But if you don't drink do the virgin kind. Same good taste. No alcohol.


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  • Awwwwww man!!! I feel yah bro. and that generic response of time and moving on, even " get under a new girl to get over the old" BS, doesn't cut it eh mate?

    I'm sorry your heart finds itself bleeding right now mate. It is very hard to get through the hours in a day when you're here.

    But to cut it short, time is what it will come to sadly, having good times makes it go by even faster. If you can, this will truly be when you're ready to... But if you can find a way to get up and go have some fun, while you're heart feels Like it's drowning, eventually you'll find it resurfacing boyo :).

    Good luck (broken hearts suck)
    (Not over my ex, just as broken hearted mate... you're not alone XD)

    • Interestingly; after days and weeks, long weeks I still feel very down which I can't get rid of it ...

      I know I am looking good, thank God for this, I know good times will come and I know life must go on but I just feel I was born alone and will die alone forever...

      Trying to understand life takes too long bro; mechanics of life are very complex and mostly tiring and harsh :/

      Thank you for ur sincerity; you make me smile indeed! I hope you will have a very happy future πŸ’ž

    • Thank you, sir! thanks very much! it will get better, I was there/Am there to. For days and weeks my emotions were liKe a roller coaster, up and down, sad and happy. Songs, memories, tv shows all were triggers for awhile.

      And yes if you're aesthetic, that will def work in your favor for the future :). Glad I was able to help.

    • Thank you my friend :) Even ur sincerity helped much...

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  • 1. Understanding that it's okay to grieve for those great times you had together but realize that a new chapter is beginning in your life adventures
    2. Realize that you are the catalyst for happiness in your life regardless of what circumstances are thrown at you
    3. Wake up every morning and think of 3 things you are most thankful for; even if it's just the smell of fabric softer on your sheets!
    4. Listen to an obnoxiously happy playlist while you are getting ready for your day.
    6. Pick up a hobby or interest you can focus on just for you.
    7. Treat yourself to a cupcake.
    8. Join MeetUp or REI outdoor classes... or just anything where you are being exposed to new people.
    9. Travel
    10. Realize that the one you used to be with might have been great; but he/she is not as great as someone greater... and you will meet that person who will make you realize what REAL love is. You'r 27. I think you've got a TON of time to run into her. Don't waste a minute of your life dwelling on what is over, and be the catalyst for your own happiness. If she broke your heart, is she worth losing sleep over? Did she ever really love you? Some woman out there is going to show you what real love is and you are going to realize you were never really in love with your ex to begin with. That's what my now-fiance has done for me; showed me that I was never really in love with my ex to begin with.

    • You are a real sweetheart

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    • I do believe love , and I do believe God created me for loving and for being love; I guess the problem is I stopped in the wrong station and she tried to ruin my goals... Maybe who can know...

      These show that wasn't the true love, if it was how it could be like that...

      You are depicting relation perfectly, thank you for the possitive feedback my friend; you make me smile :) I have lots of hobbies, I am really thirsty to learn; I have many interests and I have a very big passion. I guess I need to spare more time to spend on my hobbies and progress my inner personality... I am always mature but you know being mature doesn't have a limit so I guess I need more time on this basis.

      I have learned that I will never ''ever'' give more value and respect than what someone deserve;otherwise it has a negative effect on person. I am not SO young, but I haven't still met the true person till now, so my voyage on LOVE will continue till finding my dream woman :)

    • Thank you :) You make too much for me, life must go on and everyone deserves to be happy. I never wish to have griefs in life, and I never wish to be with a wrong person;otherwise I prefer to be alone ;)

      I am very happy to meet a nice person like you, your maturity level is much more above than ur real age. I see many people over their 35s-40s-45s and they still behave childish :) The most important value in the life is being mature and happy... Only a few people can reach these 2 important wisdoms;you apperantly reach both <3 Have a lovely day there!

  • Only time can heal a broken heart~
    Just use your time and eventually the pain will turn into memories.

    • Memories... I hope I can build lots of lovely momeries with my dream woman in one day :)

  • -find a hobby and indulge in it
    -mourn over time
    -start to find someone else

    • I guess it's time to focus on my hobbies more nowadays ;) Thank you!

    • That's ok : )

  • Either time or find someone else.
    Those are the best options.

    • First section makes everything messy really... As for second; I wish I wasn't too picky that :( Thank you.

  • The only cure is time.

    • Time is cure for everything :( Maybe...

  • Ice cream and time with friends and family. Time

    • ice cream=getting on my kilos :)))

      Thank you ^_^

  • what happened? If I may ask

    • Everyone loves someone... I did;and I can't get rid of that feeling completely. After all; some awful things happened too and whole control was out of my power now, for a long time...

      Being rejected, being along after a relation and immature reactions kill people's heart :( These happened to me...

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    • ah I see

      Hope you will feel better soon

    • Thank you my friend :)

  • Time and lots of hugs <3 <3 <3

    • :))) if hugs needed I have to love a person ;) lol
      Thank you!

  • Chocolate and NetflixπŸ’¦
    I hope your okay.

    • Thank you :)) I do believe chocolate cures many things really; honestly freezes brain lol

  • Time is...

  • They say time heals a broken heart, but it isn't time that heals it... it's what you do with your time which heals it. A cliche, but all you can do is keep busy and your mind focussed on things other than her. Gradually the pain will ease.

    Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you have never met... you just can't. Moving on doesn't mean you forget someone, it means you find a way of surviving without them.

    • Exactly, forgetting or trying to erase someone from our lifes is almost impossbile; we just learn how to live without them :)

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    • I think same with you, honestly I prefer to be alone than being with a person who can't love me how I love her; so maybe these are signs of God and we need to wait for the right person ^_^

      I wish the same thing for you!

    • I agree! It's hard letting go of someone you love , but holding onto them is much more painful. I believe every rejection is just a re-direction to something better 😊

  • Time and focusing on achieving your goals instead.

    • Exactly :( What if it affects to reach my goals :(

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    • I can think about body building maybe. I used to do taekwando 5 years before so I have very strong legs but not arms lol... Maybe it will help my appearance and mood :))) Thank you for ur attention ❀

    • Good luck❀ and you're welcome!😊

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  • In time the heart will heal although the scars never go away but it will fade over time. There is a link, hopefully that helps.


    • List is amazing, I read it carefully ;) ty bro...

  • Become selfish love your self and see how things change. Time will heal so move on be the man show you are strong. Forget getting addicted to what you haven't done

    • Being selfish is the key word bro; sometimes we don't need to love someone much really... You are right!! ty

    • Thank you and I say that in positive sense because girls like men who care them self first

    • Exactly, why not we don't do same :)

  • Exercise helps. It redirects your focus.

    Time will help you to ease the pain. Everyone is different.

    I just went through a break up for a almost 6 year relationship. I feel you pain. Hang out with friends, pick a new hobbit, keep your brain ocupied.

    To me, the toughest part is to go through the " lonliness" feeling. Took me over a month to get over that lonliness attacks.

    • I get used to be alone, this isn't a problem. But when I love, I just love and be blind... When I can't see the same profund love towards me; oh it really ruins every inch of me really...

      I am sure if I love again I can forget anything easily; but I am incredible picky :))) So it is a far possibility... Thank you!

  • sex
    sex sex sex sex
    sex sex
    sex sex sex sex
    sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex

  • Booze, booze and more booze.
    Why can't you just drink yourself happy like a normal person?

    • The problem is I don't drink or smoke lol...

  • nothin, really. you can only repress the pain for awhile.

  • Drink water

    • Yeah, drink a cold water. U r right.

  • get rich and date hotter girls.

    • Lol you love imagination... Honestly, I don't need any hot girl; they aren't my type tho :))

    • well your broken heart is from getting rejected, so get accepted and money is the single most powerful thing after having the deafault qualities. women fuck for resources one way or anotehr

    Three ways:
    This is just first aid (no guarantee it will hold)


    This too:

    This is the healthiest, no doubt:


    • :))) you make me smile ;) I don't drink alcohol, and I can do the last section but I never wish to have any girl like that lol... Not my type really, I am not gay but these seem just slutty :)))

      Thank you bro, life must go on...

    • I don't drink alcohol either.

  • Asking out a lot of women and fucking.

    Seriously. Your brain is in caveman mode, thinking that one of the two women in your tribe has rejected you and your chances of passing your genes on are severely diminished.

    Except we live in a world where there are billions of women, but our brains haven't caught up. Your brain will chill out after a fuck or two.

    • You would be completely true If i were a guy like you depicted. I am still virgin bro :) If loving another woman? I really don't have clue...

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