Help pls I don't know what to do?

Hi I am experiencing the similar is ur I have been with my boyfriend for 6 year and have a 2yr old daughter together, I am a very attractive fit lady who love going to the gym and so forth. in the first couple of years of dating I stumble across a couple of magazine plus size women he also had a other magazine the a normal guy would get also so I didn't think much of it I just thought he might have just been curious, but futher into our relationship I started noticing He was always looking at BBW and stuf like that so I asked him as he lied and said I'm crazy, and he like all sort of bodies. We the past year we have been Having problems but trying to fix them, but I had this feeling something wasn't right. Just a few days ago I found out he made a tinder sight and all the women were plus size girls and the things he said made it clear what he wanted. When I told him he went off saying I'm ugly and he hates me so I told him to leave but after aday he came crawling back saying he loves me and things were going well between us the past month and this is what he wants, I'm so confused, I feel like if I stay I will always feel insecure because I'm not his type but what if he is telling the truth and does love and want to be with me pls pls help?


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  • Look you have a kid... Please please for the benefit of that child work this out... :( the effects on a youngone can be tragic...

    • I know I really do love him too I just don't feel good enough

    • You should. No man will tell you he loves you. Commit to you. Have a baby with you. Raise that child some with you... And not truly love and find you attractive. My guy likes lesbians but that doesn't mean he wishes he was a girl that ducked other girls... Attractions aren't always solid or explainable.

  • I would leave he obviously sounds like his mind is elsewhere


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