Will he miss me?

My first boyfriend just dumped me. It was so unexpected. He told me he finally found the one he wanted to be with over and over again and we were talking about marriage. Tomorrow would have been one year if we made it he broke up with me Sunday. I've never felt more pain. I did so much for him. I bought him gifts would pay for our dinners woild give him back massages (with sprained arms) I did anything for him. He finally told me why he broke up with me. Bc he is being told he has to take over the family farm and that his parents weren't sure if I was interested and he needed 100% commitment. Well he never talked to me about this or asked for my help or showed me what to do. I guess they told him it was stupid I'd sleep while they went out in the morning and milked cows. Well he never tried to wake me up. Or ever asked me too. But I would always clean their house for them. The thing that hurts is on thrusday he told me don't let anyone get between us then he went home for the weekend and on Sunday he just ended everything.
Is he going to miss me?
Bc I miss him.
I did a lot for him. He never really bought me any gifts. I bought him so many for any little occasion. All I got from him was two cans of pop and a bag of popcorn and a necklace that was like 20$ in the year.
I got him a couple sweaters, a set of speakers, tickets to concerts.
He's only ever paid for my meal 2 times
He would pay the waitress to make it look like he did but when he got home he'd ask for half.
I did so much for him. Is he gonna miss me
Everyone said I did more then I should and I was so caring and thoughtful.
What hurts more is he said to me today a lot of people know we broke up. And now this girl interested in him (it hasn't even been a week)
Will he want me back eventually?
I've never had any other guy interested in me he was my first everything. He even took my vcard so it hurts a lot.
He took my vCard at 8 months and didn't leave me then. It was just recent 11 and a half months by the way...


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  • I'm sorry to say, but no. He will not miss you. You sound a bit like me. You're willing to drop everything just make the other happy. Unfortunately he was an asshole and all he did was take. I'm sorry that you're going through this now, it's not fun. I'd tell you to meet up with him to get closure, but I don't think there would be anything to gain from it here. The best thing you can is to cut off all communication, remove him from all social media, get rid of things that remind you of him, and surround yourself with good company so you can think about him less. If you are in a situation where you have to speak to him, stand your ground. Don't show him how hurt you are, just be civil and go about your business. You did nothing wrong, he's just not worthy of a gal like yourself. That being said though, it's important to not just completely give yourself to a person either. It's okay to be a little selfish. Take care of yourself too! The next while will be hard to live through. Let it hurt, feel it, and when you're ready, dust yourself off and keep marching. Hell, I'm going through a breakup right now. I got dumped the night of my best friend's wedding, but I'm dealing with it one step at a time. You sound a like such a sweet girl, don't let him ruin you. Those who dwell on matters such as these are really just those who have hearts. You'll be okay, time heals all wounds, but I've found that doing something makes it go faster. Keep yourself occupied too. One more thing, like someone once told me, "just like a conveyor belt, there will always be another one coming down the line." :)

  • BAHAHAHA he claims his trophy so now he could move on to claim the next trophy. Silly gurls lel

    • But no. Nvr in a million years will he missed u. He alrdy got what he came for so there's nothing left for him to pursue since he alrdy had a taste of u. Hope u learn from this exp. and not let it happen the time

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