My ex-boyfriend of 2 years ago tried to contact me?

So I didn't know that when someone you are not friends with on facebook sent you a message, it went to the 'other' folder. I clicked on it today and there was a message from my ex in December, we had been broken up for 2 years without so much as a word. It didn't say anything exciting, just 'hey' but I was wondering why he would send one message and then never follow up on it? Was my ignoring him just enough of a hint that I wanted to be left alone? Do you think he will try again? He has this kind of weird habit of messaging me around the holidays and I have no idea why really.


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  • I think reminiscing about past relationships is common around the holidays, but it doesn't mean he really wants you back. He might just be lonely. Hopefully he'll eventually get the hint and realize that you have moved on and are no longer interested.


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