Never met! Want him back! Advice?

Today Thursday Oct 30 2015 Hey three weeks a go, I met this guy on a dating site... We live 45min a part with no traffic if there is it can take almost 2 hours. Conversation is pretty easy and have a lot in common. Open to every question, some very intense and serious, values, family... We are very attracted to one another.

Thursday October 22 we we're suppose to meet. We cancelled. The Friday he canceled. The Saturday we spent all day txting. He said he liked me a lot. I said he like the idea of me. He really wanted to see me ; he was available until 5pm and I was after.

The Monday he texted me during his morning break. Music interest, our father and give each other music lessons. The Wednesday he asked on a official day date I couldn't during the evening... The Friday he was at his best friend birthday party. We txted until 3:39 am none stop. We cancelled again for Saturday but texted a few times during the day.

Sunday morning, he txts me and asks me if I was free before 3pm. Long story short and miscommunication we end up at 2 different locations. He get upset I get mad. He is still polite. In my girl head, I over react and write : "wow that was easy. Well I'm done." Meaning it was easy for him to cancel... I delete him from my dating list. Later that day, he ask me a friend request. I decline. BAD!! (I didn't remember that he had family business at 3pm that day...) Nothing since. I Apologized that same night and Tuesday. No response. Really trying to give him time and space very hard. On my mind 100% of the time. Day 4 is not easy! i know he is back chatting since Sunday night and after work...

So, would like advice how to get him back even if he's was never mine and we never met. At least get some communication back. Is there a time frame? No contact rule? Do I give up? Wait for him to contact me?

what would it take for a girl to get a response from you guys?

I just really like him a whole lot.
Help!! Tanx :/


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  • Write a short note apologizing how your reaction was a build up to the frustration of plans always falling through. Tell him you are very interested in him and really would like to see him. Tell him you hope he gives you another chance and that things work out this time because you see potential.

    The rest is up to him...
    At this point you did your part.
    Good luck !


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  • We all say and do things in the heat of the moment, so don't be too hard on yourself. You have apologised, so it's now up to him if he wants to accept it or not.

    I would never become too attached to a guy i have never met in person. People tend to start to have an image of who they are , or what their life could be like together, but you are really believing in an illusion as you don't really know him as a person. People have to spend quality time together before they can decide if they want to start a relationship.

    If someone lets me down once i assume they're busy.. let me down twice , i view them as unreliable. If i'm let down a third time then i would think they were stringing me along and genuinely disinterested in me.

    You contacted him , but you have had no response so i would wait to see if he contacts you. If he wants to continue the " friendship" he'll be in touch, if not... then he won't.

    You shouldn't have to fight to be part of his life, if he wants you in it then he'll make an obvious effort to put you there.


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