Hanging out with your ex?

My friend dated this guy for two and a half years. He was always awful to her. He was extremely jealous, needy, and suffocated her. He dictated what she wore , who she could hangout with and when, and the few times she didn't hang out with him he was blowing up her phone. When he would get mad at her he would call her all kinds of horrible names.

They broke up about a month and a half ago "for good" according to my friend. But now she's hanging out with him multiple times a week. She says there's nothing going on and that they're friends. I really can't understand how hanging out with a recent ex is healthy. It's not like they have mutual friends and hang in a group setting, she goes to his house to see him.

What is your opinion in hanging out with a recent ex? How can you move on?


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  • This kinda relationship ends with big a disappointed + relationship abuse. move on is the best healthy solution to avoid the bad end (depression). and continue on this relationship won't give her a chance or choices to explore what the best for her. she's a little confused for now, spend a lot time together, don't just tell her what's wrong and what's right (give a prove for her mistakes)... be friendly more than her EX. I guess she's too embarrassed to tell her friends or you that she maybe need some help. encourage her to take the right decision at the right place and time.

    Good luck...


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  • The way he treated her, it sounds like something she shouldn't be doing, no. You can be friends with your exes, but that heavily depends on the circumstances. The best situation would be one where the breakup was a mutual decision, there are no hard feelings, or romantic affection. Usually it would be a good idea to take a small break anyway. Just to "rest" from each other for a little bit, before becoming friends. That way you can objectively reflect on your relationship alone, without having your judgment clouded by the presence of your ex.
    That being said, it's very rare to remain good friends with an ex. You might be on good terms, maybe meet up for coffee a couple of times a year. But to actually be close, meet up regularly and such, that doesn't happen very often.
    Sounds to me like your friend still has feelings for her ex.


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  • I would never have contact with an ex, especially if they treated me in the way your friends ex treated her.

    You can only move on if you let go. Personally, i think if someones stays friends with an ex , they were never in love with them , or they still are.

    I would never go back to the one person who "broke me". I'd cut all ties


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