She broke up with me and liked my instagram photo? Can someone tell me what's going on?

Hello, We were having a really good relationship with my girlfriend but after her exam week started, she had no time and stressed the hell out. She don't talk to her family and such... She broke up with me 2 days ago because of her school life, she said I wasn't excepting a relationship on 12th grade because of school but she said she wanted to try with me. We dated like 45 days but she broke up with me because of the reasons I mentioned. I just posted a photo of me and my friend in a basketball game and she liked it, what does that mean? Can you say something abiut it girls? I really want her back, I still love her really much. Please can someone tell me what's going on?


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  • she just likes the photo, nothing else.


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  • Either she's messin with u, or she's regretting it...
    I know u said girls, but I couldn't resist answering this one LOL.
    I had the same situation once.
    Best of luck!!

    • What do you mean by "messing with you"?

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    • I am really sad, man. I don't feel good...

    • Sorry dude :/

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