How to get over a guy who plays mind games?

I've been seeing this guy, whom I've known for a few years but we never hooked up. We recently met up and had an amazing night and a few more after that, but he straight up told me he doesn't want a relationship. He's so amazing when we're together but treats me like shit over text. He answers text messages a day later or straight up ignores them. How can he be so great in person but so rude over the phone. I told him I don't want a casual relationship and he's become really distant ever since, but I can't help myself, I'm so drawn to him that I sometimes come off as clingy probably. I wish I never met him and I just want to forget this ever happened.

I've never dealt with something like this, it's like someone took my heart out of my chest, played football with it and threw it back in because it's not what they wanted. I've never been treated this way and it really hurts. People always say I'm too emotional and sensitive, but I can't help it, I hate how selfish other people can be. I just want to get over it, what is the best distraction? Nothing seems to work. I've been running a lot just to get some good hormones flowing in my blood stream but nothing compares to the high you get from infatuation. I just feel rejected and used.


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  • Be angry that he played mind games

    • wow that's very helpful thanks so much

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    • I already am angry. I was asking how to distract myself from that feeling of desperation that comes when you're rejected in such a cruel way. but whatever

    • Now I understand your question. I know what you're feeling. Its what makes people run out and start a rebound fling because you need to know if you're still attractive. Trust me you are and there's plenty of guys that won't be an asshole. I think being active like working out helps

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