Did I make a huge mistake?

My ex got distant and we didn't see each other in three weeks... I'd text him saying I missed him, asking what we can do about that, and he'd write back not much right now, how busy he was going to be.

Instead of waiting it out and being patient, seeing if things would go back to how they were before he got so busy, I felt like he was distancing himself from me and wanted to end it. So I ended it.

But I miss him so incredibly much, and I am still (eight months later) hoping things might still go back to how they were. I'm crazy, I know. If he wanted to be with me, he would have fought for me instead of just letting me end our relationship, right?

So now my problem is I cannot get over him. I am haunted by things he said that night that don't add up with someone who wants to end a relationship...

- "You're not losing me" ( after I said I don't want to lose you )
- "You're smart funny and talented"
- "You don't belong with someone like me"
- "We can still be friends" ( after I said I don't want this to be the last time I see you )
- "I distance myself from a lot of people"

There is no explanation, no reason, there is nothing I can cling to for closure and it's breaking my heart further everyday. I just want him back in my life and I'm not sure if it's right to talk to him and see if I did make a mistake, jump to conclusions by breaking up with him, or if I should just leave him alone?


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  • You didn't make a mistake to end the relationship with someone who wasn't emotionally and physically committed.

    The mistake you are still making is you are still not confident of that decision.

    The fact is if "he wanted to be with [you], he would have fought for [you] instead of just letting [you] end [the] relationship".


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  • you did the very right thing! ignore him completely! move on with your life, he is not worth it!!


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  • it's been 8 months? no contact from him? ... you're gonna be okay.

    .. but if you really feel like you've made a mistake, why don't you go ahead and ask him to grab coffee or something

    .. don't think of picking up exactly where you left off but think of how an evolved version of you would like to interact with the person you truly [think u] care about


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