Please think before responding. I want an honest response?

i love this girl and she is really great at heart. we've broken up now but she still cares about me. she agrees that there is no person better than me suitable for her but she just broke for her path in life is different. she wants to be a nun. she still contacts me, though now she wants to limit it to once a month. can i make her change her mind because i know she has to sacrifice things in her life and did not willingly take this decision for when you're willing you won't cut yourself off fb and social life. she's just tired of this world and wants peace.. and i know she will destroy it. somewhere within i feel this. i still told her to be back with me whenever she wanted to. do i call her up today and make her understand? though i won't point or talk about our being together again. i'll just make her understand. i dunno if it'll work coz she is a determined sort of gal but is an amazing one, one of a kind, kind, caring and loving. what do you people think?


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  • To be loved by someone so much - is a gift
    Don't miss her - as u also mentioned that u too love her and she is good at heart... you can't get a girl like her, no matter how pretty ur next girl is - you will definitely regret missing her... go get her - don't miss her...

    • but she is thinking of being a nun.. how do i change her mind bro? i still love her a lot.. though she'll first be a corporate lawyer and then is thinking of being a nun..

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    • we are in a long distance relationship brother.. we've never met each other till now.. moreover she has her phone switched off and she doesn't come online now.. how do i communicate when she does not want to? its not even possible to meet her as i can't go to that city myself where she lives..

    • Hmmm... so complicated :(

  • Hey there. Your situation is most peculiar, yet I understand the feeling of not being able to be in a relationship with someone even though you still have strong feelings for each other. When I was in your position, I used to try to find a good reason to hate her so that I'd have a negative to hold on to. She didn't give me that reason, but I realised that I only could fight so much until I hung up my gloves and tried to move on. Your ex... wow... A nun. I admire her resolve, and I feel your pain. If she's this serious about a life of nunnery, and if you still love her like you said you do, explain to her your feelings (without having an explosive conversation of yelling, cursing or accusations. Be cool and calm throughout, even if she starts yelling). Explain to her that you love her, but be willing to support her if she's going to try to do something that will make her truly happy.

    • brother.. what do i do if she is reluctant? is it alright to make her understand once again? moreover, i've already told her that she could serve people happily normally.. but now she seems reluctant. i'm afraid she might make a wrong decision in haste. is it worthwhile to make her understand over the phone now?

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    • the thing is that she just wants to contact once a month now.. and she kept her phone switched off today the entire day.. :(

    • :/ Please hang in there

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