Should I forgive my ex?

Two years ago my ex wife and i were married with twin boys arget and aurum (silver and gold) 7 years old. I thought we were happy her a lawyer, 26, me a studying death investigator, 20, i caught her in an affair with her lover; my kids' godmother. The shock and pain i felt was too much and i threw my lunch on the floor. I won't lie if it were a man i would probably fought him but i can't hit defenseless woman i wasn't raised that way. Long story short we divorced and through a very difficult process of money amd blackmail I gave 70% of our combined income plus alimony in exchange for full custody of the boys with unlimited visitation rights. I know some of you think I'm an ass for taking the kids but it was not because im against the lgbt community its because i didn't want my boys living with the one who cuckolded me. Maybe it was for pride if i can't hurt them and i would never turn the boys against them ever. Fast forward to now and you'll find me and the boys and I are happy. I have had women in my life since the divorce mostly because i dont know if the same situation won't happen again. So my ex has asked me to forgive her and her lover. Should i do it? How would any of you react to what i saw if you were in my place? Please be honest and if you im a monster i probably won't deny it others have said as much. Thank you


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  • hi dear friend i read your post and i was so touched with the way your Ex treated you this is so bad i know you have the heart of forgiveness you can forgive her and make her a friend if you wish to ok. and again i want to ask this, all the bad she done toward you it seems she is been mislead or controlled, please i want you to email me on my private mail mccatykatt@gmail. com you mail will be important

    • Thank you but I don't trust people on the internet that well, aside from this post I mean. Nothing personaliI tried this once with someone guy hacked my computer and account with a virus so withdue respect iIwill not go to that accoumt

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  • Of course you should forgive her. It's best for you and your boys. Does that have anything to do with the custody arrangements, I think not.

    Personally, i think anyone one who is willing to give up kids for money doesn't deserve to have custody. She did cheat, that's just how shit works.

    Forgive, be polite, move on down the road. And by the way, the majority of women are good people, so why not go out there and give it a shot?

    • thank you for your opinion and your words but I threatened her by exposure to her old school catholic family if she didn't take the deal so I'm the bad guy there. So please don't think she's a bad person or anything because of me

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    • I do recommend you forgive, she made a bad choice to cheat. She deserves the opportunity to move on with her life. Allow her that chance, your kids will be grateful for it later.

    • I think I will

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  • don't forgive her, but say you will work with her for the sake of your children. You're not a terrible person, she is.

    • Thank you for honest opinion but she is still the mother of boys and unless she has shown any weird stuff around them I will like you don't speak ill of her even if I do agree with you

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