My ex broke up with me but looks more distraught over it than I am. Crying, telling me he wants to kiss me, even apologized - but still leaves?

Been dating for 8 months! Very much in love, did long distance for 3 months after 1 month of dating. He's told me I'm his one, we made plans to move in when I graduate etc. We broke up before because I got mad he broke our plans again just because he didn't feel like it. I went to him. We got back. Things have been rocky - found out now why: he's been trying to push me away. Decided he doesn't want to deal with a relationship, he's young (so am I), wants to be free to do whatever. I tried everything - not interested. Thinks he's not the man for me anymore. All his friends are single too. Came over to give me my things. He said I looked good. I said I was working out to get my mind off things. He kissed my forehead. Looked at me for a while, said he was sorry. I asked for what, he said for everything. I said I was sorry too and then kissed his cheek. He grabbed my hand and held it. Looked at me with wet, red eyes. He said this was hard. I just nodded because I was getting teary eyed & I wanted to be strong. Then he looked even sadder, said "I really want to kiss you right now" I just looked at him. He tried to (got closer, looked at my lips) but he could tell I didn't want too so he stopped trying and looked even sadder. I just couldn't handle a kiss - he was breaking up with me. Looked at each other some more. He was still holding my hand. Then he we looked at each other some more. Then we said bye and that was that. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? WHAT DOES HE WANT FROM ME? So confused, help me out :( I want him back but only if he comes to me and works for my trust again. Do you think he'll try to come back to me? (Our breakup was about 3/4 days ago)
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I went out on halloween! Had some fun with new people, dress up sexy :) He saw. I've sent him one snapchat that night asking him why he was still the only guy I wanted. Later that night he sent one saying "he was thinking of me". I never responed when he texted me yesterday. Just went to the gym, a meeting carried on with life really. Posted it so he knows I don't want to talk unless it's serious. He text "I really miss you.. can't stop thinking about you and I. Do you have time to talk tonight?
I went to bed early and never say it until early morning today. But at least that gave some time for him to really feel it. I texted back "Sure I can see you now or early morning today. If you want to stop by. Getting some extra work in this morning. Let me know since I'll be out all day after 10am"

What should I do? I wan't him to come back ready to make this up to me, to build up my trust again for him. Obviously still want him (made an account on here just for this haha) Help (again)!!


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  • Still too early to tell. Sounds pretty obvious he's having mixed feelings. I'd say the best thing to do at this point is give things a small break... maybe a couple weeks where you don't contact each other, to give both of you a chance to clear your heads and hopefully have a clearer perspective on everything. And then maybe get together for coffeee or something casual like that just to talk.


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  • Its hard to tell! He really likes you but is letting you go! You can't control his action! I think if you want him back you two need to talk about what your feeling and what you want and he to do the same! You need some real counseling from an expert not me! I am not the best at giving advice! So please, if you feel for this guy find help to save this! If after all that, he doesn't put in the effort then leave. but thats the last thing you want to do right?


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