Should I sent him this?

I don't understand what happen between us 🙃😕.. And I don't really want to know either.. All I know Is that everything that I have said to you I've meant and I'm holding down to my promise of always being here for you.. I never really imagine us actually breaking up.. I always thought what ever was going to happen we were going to talk about it and try to fix it but that's something that we lacked in our relationship we never really talked.. Even tho we haven't really talked in a long time because I never had my phone and yours is of I never thought that saying goodbye would have hurt this much since we never talk but I was completely wrong see even tho we didn't talk I always thought that I would cross your mind but now that we are no longer together I know that I won't cross your mind the same way Ima just be someone in the past and it hurts but I guess it is what it is.. Trying to be happy is hard when you no longer have the person who always made you smile.. we are not capable of holding a friendship I'm sorry but that's a death sentence because it would most likely give me false hopes so I'm sorry but a friendship is out but if your down or something happen you know you can trust me and count on me if you need somebody to talk to just sent me a text or a call.. I wish you the best of lucks with your life May your neighbors respect you Trouble neglect you Angels protect you And heaven accept you I love you Goodbye
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  • If there's any way you could say it to him instead of texting/emailing it would be better if you did that

    • I don't know if he would like to hang out with me if we broke up

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    • That's why I'm asking if I should sent him to let him know that o really can't be just friends with him but I will be there for him

    • yes go for it

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