Me & my girlfriend broke up yesterday because she wouldn't show the same affection towards me as I did for her, was this the right thing to do?

She told me she cares for me & all but she wasn't ready to let her guard down for me because she was afraid I would hurt her like she is been in the past & she just needed time. I've known her for about a year now & we dont see each other because she is in a different state from me. We were planing on me visiting her soon. Lately I was trying to get more close to her & all she is done been turn me down & that really hurt me because I feel like she just might just want me as a friend like sometimes when we would have an argument over how she feels about me she would say that is best if we just ended up as friends because I'm forcing our relationship. I just couldnt do it anymore not being sure if she would ever feel what I do for her or if she ever did. Should I just move on or should I call her? because we argued about it all night yesterday until we broke up & she blocked me. I need some advice.
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  • You show much affection towards her but she doesn't do the same, Because she's been hurt already in the past. Okay, it happens to girls. Once they get hurt they always think that they'r never gonna be happy again with another guy because they think that this new boyfriend will hurt them in the same way as their ex's did. They feel like this new guy will break their trust and leave them sometimes girls need time to move on from their past relationships, it's hard for them to heal themselves.
    i can understand how you'r feeling right now but i think she's broken inside and she's just trying to push you away, Maybe she's testing you. she's testing whether you'll call her, talk to her, find ways to communicate with her or not. Girls do that Girls always test a guy they do lots of things to test a guy because they want to know how much feelings the guys got for them. I think you should call her, talk to her nicely ask her the reason that why she is being like this? tell her you think a lot about her and you do love her make her trust you so that she can learn to move on from her past relationship.
    Try again, maybe she will say everything what's in her heart. call her again and talk to her.

    • I've never told her I love her before, seen how she has turn me down before like the first time I told her I like her, she told me that I didn't. She said I just thought I did, then I had to make her believe it. I dont want to freak her out by telling her i love her or make myself vulnerable to getting more hurt

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    • Now you can call her :) and try to do what i said, don't be harsh okay just let her know that you care for her and tell her that you missed her
      :) Always pleasure

    • thanks for the mho!

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What Girls Said 2

  • Find someone with the same zip code. Ending it when you could acknowledge that she couldn't give you what you needed was a mature response. Don't waste time on people that have showed signs early on that it won't work, because that won't change and the problems will grow bigger. Get out early and find someone you're more compatible with :)

  • Yes it was the right thing to do.


What Guys Said 2

  • You're young, relationships are about learning how to communicate, compromise, and figure out what's important to you in a relationship. If your girlfriend can't give you what you need and there isn't a mutually agreeable middle ground that can be settled on, why waste time if you're not going to be happy or fulfilled? There's plenty of people out there who will give you the affection that you need, and plenty of guys who don't care much about public displays of affection or don't NEED it and would be able to give her the space she needs.

  • Yeaa absolutely... Right thing to do... I mean come-on... Yeaa maybe she got hurt real bad by her ex... But she needs to move on from that for fucks sake!!!
    It's been 1 year you two have been together and you are not getting what you want... Or she didn't love you the way you do which you deserve... so I think it's best to move on...


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