Why would my ex ask me this?

The first thing my ex boyfriend said to me when I saw him at a party over the weekend was "are you seeing anyone, or have you been?" And then asked if it was out of line to ask that when I didn't answer him for at least 10 minutes. Why on earth would he ask me this? It's completely out of line and shows his level of maturity he broke up with me.


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  • There's always the lingering feelings that we have for people. It's impossible to completely remove all feelings and emotions for people, so him asking is merely a surface feeling of jealousy. It doesn't necessarily mean he wants to get back together or that he's still in love with you but it is him reacting to seeing you and having those feelings come up. There could be a lot of reasons why he would ask you, mostly because there is regret in breaking up with you. The only way to know is to ask him. Do you want to get back together or are you alright being away from him? It all comes down to what you want and how you want to act.

    • This isn't the first time I've seen him since we broke up, as we broke up in June. This is probably the 7th time I've seen him since the break up. I'm having a talk with him this week as he has some things that he wants to get off his chest with me so I told him we can catch up to talk. The only reason I'm doing this is because he tends to run his mouth a lot when we are at parties and drinking and would prefer to discuss this when sober.

      I don't know what I want to be honest, the feelings for him are still lingering but they are no where near as strong as they use to be for him. I do miss him but I don't know if I would get back with him. Unless changes were made.!

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  • Maybe he regrets it? Or maybe he's an asshole who wants to see if you'd be very willing to go back to him.


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