Now what?

21 year female

today, my boyfriend of 7 years, broke up with me, said he meet someone else, had has been seeing her for the past two months, and he wants to be with her. He said he wants me 100% out of his life, that it was very hard for him to choose between the two of us,but feels he really needs to see what else is out there...And guess I do get that...We have both only ever dated each other..And had every single first together...But he was my everything! Not only did I loose my boyfriend,my first true love...But my best friends...He has been there for me for everything..He has always been my other half...I am so hurt..So crushed...I find it hard to breath...The worst part...He is the one I go to..The one that I can talk to and say anything too...i have no one now to talk to...i feel alone..but really I am alone really don't have many friends...I feel as though I have know one to talk to...I don't even know where to start to get over this...Idea to help take some of the pain away
Now what?
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