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today, my boyfriend of 7 years, broke up with me, said he meet someone else, had has been seeing her for the past two months, and he wants to be with her. He said he wants me 100% out of his life, that it was very hard for him to choose between the two of us,but feels he really needs to see what else is out there...And guess I do get that...We have both only ever dated each other..And had every single first together...But he was my everything! Not only did I loose my boyfriend,my first true love...But my best friends...He has been there for me for everything..He has always been my other half...I am so hurt..So crushed...I find it hard to breath...The worst part...He is the one I go to..The one that I can talk to and say anything too...i have no one now to talk to...i feel alone..but really I am alone really don't have many friends...I feel as though I have know one to talk to...I don't even know where to start to get over this...Idea to help take some of the pain away


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  • I know this seems like an impossible situation right boyfriend of 5 years broke up with me a week ago, and it felt like the world just ended. But it WILL get better. Talk to anyone who will family or friends even if you aren't that close anymore.

    It also helped me to get out of the house...just force yourself to get out no matter how horrible you feel. Even just running'll bump into people who will brighten your day, and hopefully you will be able to distract yourself for a bit.

    I didn't understand when people told me that it would get better with time. But it does. All that you can do right now is hurt, cry and take time to get through this part. Trust me as bad as it seems, these horrible feelings will help you to get through it. It's healthy. And don't feel guilty if you need to take time off work, although it will be so good for you to get out.

    Know that you're not alone! Heartbreak is the worst feeling! But you will always have a huuuuuge place in his heart, and the more he sees that you are coping, the more he will question his decision. Stay strong.


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  • I think that he took things too quickly and that one day he will realise what he did to you. You've been together for 7 years! He only wants to see what's out there, when he'll get bored he will come back to you.

    I'm sure there will be a moment where he will think about you (maybe he's already doing it and even if you don't hear from him doesn't mean he's not thinking).

    Give time!

    Let him be with that someone else, he knows you very well, he doesn't know her much. My ex relationship started perfectly with butterflies at the stomach and lots of chemistry and ended after 5 months for no particular reason. Let him see what's out there and you try to keep your head away from it.

    Keep yourself up! If is meant to be it will be!


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  • Only time will help and that does not help NOW. It is terrible that this has happened and I am sure your boyfriend will regret cutting you off so badly. If you have a lot of free time on your hands you need something to keep your mind busy with other things. Take some classes if you are not in school or volunteer to help those worse off than you.

    • He left me with paying for the whole I will prob have to get a secound you think that would work?....i am even sure if I am able to work...i can't get my mind off of the break up

    • If he is on the lease he is still responsible to pay rent until you can find a roommate. From what I have gathered from watching those court tv shows, two or three months is what they consider a reasonable amount of time to find a roommate. I can sue him for the amount he was responsible for that you had to pay on his behalf. Woman007 also gave a lot of good advice.

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