At my own expense will I make her be better for someone else?

My girlfriend cheated on me. I dumped her & havnt spoken to her for 2 months.

1. Has this taught her a lesson/consequencies that she can't treat people this way? So she will improve & be better for someone else whereas I've lost her?
2. Will my actions show her I have self-respect & that I won't just forgive her & take her back like a doormat or will she just not care?


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  • 1) Whether she learns a lesson and decides to change for the better is up to her. Not your problem. In general, though, once a cheater, always a cheater.

    2) Your actions showed that you have self-respect, and that you're not willing to be a doormat. Whether she cares is not your concern; she's not in your life anymore, nor should she be.


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  • 1. Possibly. Not all cheaters learn about responsibility and get what they did to someone. It's not possible to say if she have learnt a lesson but there's a chance she might have.
    2. Yes absolutely! You did the right thing. Life is too short to spend your time with people who cheated on you and were willing to do that to you. Risking a moment of pleasure for your bf/gf who were there for you and has been loyal to you really says a lot about their worth as a person.

  • No never no!

  • Maybe your going about things wrong... there's nothing wrong with forgiveness, especially if u want her back.

    But if that's not an option then yes to all of the above, she'll be taught a valuable life lesson.


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