I don't get him. Advice?

My ex of 7yrs broke up with me a month ago. He chose partying and his friends over me. We were engaged for 3months and then we broke it off due to his mom interfering to cause us to argue and he wouldn't stand up to her fearing being kicked out yet won't try to move out. The month we've been broken up we still saw each other once in a while but talked on the phone every day. Halloween night he calls me to pick him up from downtown and we were supposed to go get food and go to either his house or my house. So as I'm getting my things to leave he keeps calling me and getting mad. I asked him to give me directions to get to where he was because mmy navigation was acting up and most of the roads were blocked off that night. So as I'm driving I finally found a way out of the crowded roads to where he was. I kept calling him to tell him I'm there but ends up blocking my number. He snapped on his two friends for getting in my car which they bumped into me and begged for a ride since they live in the same city. My ex is mad about that, then had his sister pick him up. I waited by his house after dropping his friend to get his car by his house. He yelled at me and his sister had an attitude with me, so then I left. He insulted me and verbally abused me. My question is why is he constantly calling my phone still? by the way I know he was on drugs and was drinking but it makes it much easier for me to move on from him. I am just wondering why if he doesn't love me or want to be with me why is he calling me every half hour?
Then he texts me saying why did I have to do what I did last night... I'm assuming he's talking about giving his friends a ride.. and that now were done for good and that's what he wanted.


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  • He is scum. Dispose of him as he deserves.


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