Should I text him?

I liked this guy in 1 of my classes & we talked a few times. After the semester ended, I looked him up on Face Book & added him we talked a few times on there. Then on Sat. he IMed me & said "Hey you miss me yet." I said " oh yeah you know it" & he said "yeah I figured since your always trying to instigate convos with me" then I said "oh yeah you caught that" & he said "yes ma'am, but I'm about to get off of here so text me, then sent the #, and said if you want too.

So like 20 min later I text him and we text awhile some flirty some reg. texts till he fell asleep then in the morning he text me some more till I had to go to church and I told him I'll ttyl and he said yeah OK. And the rest of the day I didn't text him because I read let guys text u. Now Mon. evening and he hasn't should I text him or let it go.


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  • Well if you we're texting for them few days he must have some feeling for you and since you said you had to stop texting first he may thing you have last intersted. because when he fell asleep he text you the next day so that's saying something

    i think you should text him if you won't to keep this going or maybe move out of the "friendship" zone!


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