Why does she want me to forgive her? I'm over with her I want nothing to do with her why can't she figure it out?

My ex cheated on me I found out and promised myself I'd never take back a cheater. I cut all contact with her and blocked her numbers. I'm hurting and trying to move on but she constantly sends me texts from random numbers (I haven't changed my yet). Asking to just talk to her or at least forgive her. I intend to do neither, yes I may forgive her for my own sakes but not give her the closure of knowing. Why can't she just not contact me?
I don't reply back to any of her texts


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  • Just keep ignoring her, she'll get the picture eventually. Unless she's the type who needs you to blatantly tell her to fuck off, which sounds like I may be the case? She shouldn't expect you to forgive her for doing something so crappy. She needs to get over it and move on.


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  • Easiest way to say it is to forgive, but never forget. If you are able to forgive her, let her know, but let her know you will never be able to forget what she did. If she needs it to move on, it may just be the thing to get her to stop contacting you.

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