Broken hearted,, need advice pls?

Long story short!!
-today is 4 months since i last spoke with my ex who dumped me. I still love him and Sometimes i cry little when i remember his memories-
When we brokeup, i didn't use my phone or social media for a month.. I was all alone crying on my own.
Even my families were worried about how sad i looked
-I am little healed now then before but I started collecting the toys that he gave me before which i had threw it away in anger when we brokeup.

I am still not moved on...
Recently a guy approach to me and said he loves me a lot but i dont belive in relaionships anymore. but this guy seems to be trying to come into my life
I was happy at first.. slowly catching feelings.. I was smiling but again. i rememeber my ex and im scared of love now...

What should i do? :(


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  • You're not ready for another relationship, so I wouldn't advise getting into another relationship because that won't automatically make things better for you.

    I know it's cliché but the only thing that has helped me through the difficult periods in my life is time. Time eventually allows people to move on. It has been four months, so it's still somewhat fresh and you seem to be making minor improvements from what you have posted.

    • Thanks for letting me know about it.. One of my sister hasn't been able to move on even after 2years.. And also one of my bestfren.. Hers is 1and half years.. What if I am like them? I don't even have real friends out here. I go uni come home and go uni and come home.. My parents are strict enough to not let me go out..
      What should I do? 😢😢

    • There's not much you can do about it, you can only take each day as it happens. Concentrate on your studies and let nature take its course, when you're ready is when you'll be ready.

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  • Girls don't have hearts

  • Back off. Rebounders don't work. Tried that a cpl times. Still wasn't ready.
    Try being crushed and heartbroken for almost 1.5 years. 6 months of rock bottom couldn't function. Was pure hell

    • 6 months and still the same. no progress. to be honest im not this type of person but I don't know wht got into me. i hate short term relationships

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    • Are you feeling better now though? Wow 1.5 years I can't even imagine. She must have really hurt you bad

    • @sephylove I have my days still. I loved her big time. She meant everything. Cheated on me. Moved a guy in her place behind my back even. Hid that. Then tried to keep me there for a year promising how she loves me and needs time. Say i g all this shit. Gives me hope then tears me apart. Came over to flirt and just try to keep me wanting her Incase the other didn't work. She kicked him out. Ran here a hour later a year later. I slept with her in 20 mins then a cpl days later all the hurt was hitting me hard and I said I can't. It was this time of year and I was seeing another i broke off with because she ran back. Then 10 months I was single with both pulling at my heart strings. I will never get over her I know it. Won't ever forget her. Ever. It's bad. Not like other relationships. She was the one. Not now tho. I see here every few months. She comes to try to flirt to get something from me. Help on her car etc. I don't fall for it. She's with a 48 yr old now

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