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There have been lots of drama being with my ex. I've heard his mom talk crap about me before when I hardly talked to them and stayed out of their way. I was a little worried about bringing that up to my boyfriend but told myself if he loves me he would make everything right. I was wrong. Since then he'd always argue and talk bad about my family that he doesn't even know. I admit I finally exploded and said something things back to him about his when I was at his house. I thought since his family heard him talk down on my family they would understand that what I am saying to him when we argue is so he can put himself on the other side and understand how it feels. I was wrong again. I've reminded him not to talk bad about me or my family and friends because he has a sister and a mom. I asked him why is he always accusing me that he has a little sister he should keep his eyes on and him and his family should worry about what she's doing instead of making false accusations about me and minding my family's business out of nowhere. These people have never met my family except for my ex occasionally. His sister was venting to me about how her parents believe she goes to see her friend because she wants to see the girls brother. So because I have told my boyfriend when we argued that him and his mom should be watching his sister instead of making false accusations to. me his sister has a problem with me. The thing is before she had the "problem" she was venting to me and asking for advice when if she had something to say to me she could have. I can't stand when people say things indirectly to me because I'd rather hash it out directly. She has an attitude with me after I told her I know how she feels because the same way she's being treated is the same way I'm being treated by her brother thinking she will understand. I was wrong. Apparently even though she knows how narrow minded her family is she thinks their way is right when it comes to my relationship with her brother. I honestly wan


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  • It's hard to go against family


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