Why is it that once I've moved on he contacts me?

I was really hurt that he dumped me last month. So I went no contact and deleted him off all social media. It took about a month but I finally feel like i moved on and don't want him anymore

ironically he called me last night but I curved him by telling him i will call back only to block his number. If he called me a few weeks ago I would have happily talked to him but now I'm over it and see him for who he was


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  • Sometimes people return to what is familiar out of ease. I think everyone has reentered back into a broken relationship several times before it finally ended for good. Sometimes we even know it is not the best decision but we do so for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is simply because we miss what we once liked in the other and truly hope to rekindle a lost romance. Other times it is more selfish and we do so out of selfishness and loneliness. Dare I also mention horniness and convenience? Today I refuse to take a single step backwards. I will not break things off with a girl until I truly give up and I will not take back a girl who gives up on me.

    • Wow! Thanks for the MHO 9n this one. It must have been terribly hard deciding considering how many replies this particular question raised. Lol! Thanks none the less.

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  • The only reason I can think of is that he misses you. You were right to block his number. You were doing him a favor. Just keep doing what you're doing. You've moved on and he hasn't. He'll get over it just like you have. I wish you well.


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