Me & my ex girlfriend broke up a few days ago, I still feel like I got so much more things to tell her. What should I do?

So she told me she cares for me & all but she wasn't ready to let her guard down for me because she was afraid I would hurt her like she is been in the past & she just needed time. I've known her for about a year now & we dont see each other because she is in a different state from me. We were planing on me visiting her soon. Lately I was trying to get more close to her & all she is done been turn me down & that really hurt me because I feel like she just might just want me as a friend like sometimes when we would have an argument over how she feels about me she would say that is best if we just ended up as friends because I'm forcing our relationship. I just couldnt do it anymore not being sure if she would ever feel what I do for her or if she ever did. Should I just move on or should I call her? because we argued about it all night yesterday until we broke up. We have had fights like this before we're we stop talking to each other but this time we said some horrible things & she blocked me in the social medias she had me in. I still got her phone number I don't know if I should try to call her or not.


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  • Write her a letter but don't send it


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