My girlfriend is begging for another chance?

I Ended my 1 month old relationship because me and my partner were not compatible. More specifically, my partner was also being selfish and thats why it ended quickly. Now, she has realized her mistakes and she is BEGGING for a second chance. What can I do? I am SURE that we are incompatible and im not ready to go through the relationship again because it was so stressful and exausting How can I tell her to move on without hurting her feelings?


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  • Be straight up and tell her that you don't feel like you two can work. Just let her know that you respect her and don't want to run her through the ringer by giving her false hope with something that just CAN'T happen. She will be hurt no matter what, but the straight up approach is the only way to go in my opinion.

    • Ok thank you so much. It feels bad to hurt someone like that :/

    • It does, but ultimately, hurting them the honest way is far less painful then hurting them the dishonest way: where you unintentionally lead them on and they form even stronger feelings. Stopping it before it can progress is much more merciful.

    • Wow this is true.

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  • Lol, tell her it's over and always will be. Don't go back to someone who treated you wrong when you guys were only dating a month. You don't owe her a damn thing. Walk, keep walking and don't look back.


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