Should I contact a girl after 2 months of no contact, after she said let's just be friends?

This girl I met was really into me. We went out a lot, made out, talked and skyped frequently and this lasted for about 2 1/2 months. I never did anything bad or wrong or anything to make her hate me but I could tell she was slowly becoming uninterested in me and I guess this freaked me out a little and I became clingy because I could see her attitude towards me changing. I tried numerous times at getting her to communicate with me, I asked her what was wrong and I got the classic "I'm fine" response; I kept bugging her and eventually she said, "let's just be friends"😒. I begged a little during the next week asking her to give me a chance but then I realized that wouldn't help my chances at all. I ignored some of her texts for three days and then responded and she seemed like her old self (excited that I was talking to her) and we ended up skyping that night. After that I went completely no contact to give her space and to not seem clingy, needy, or smother her. I still haven't contacted her but she hasn't tried contacting me either😞. And that leads me to asking for advice, if I should contact her. I know it sounds like "oneitis" but I know there are other girls out there, she just had so many of the qualities I am looking for in a girl, it is actually scary how much we had in common also. Didn't mean for this to be long so I'm gonna stop there. Thanks for opinions and responses gals and guys.


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  • i think you should move on


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