How can he tell me he'll love me til the end of time. While his trying to find the girl he had a affair with (3yrs ago) on line?

My boyfriend of 8yrs cheated on me 3 years ago. We got past it. But I found out a week ago he's been trying to friend her on face book. she finally excepted. I broke up with him. This is killing me. I love him so much why would he betray me like that? We are both 50 years old. He knows Im done with him i dont want to be. but i have to be. I just dont understand why he hasn't at least tried to win me back. He just told me on our anniversary 3 weeks ago that he would love me til the end of time. I'm so hurt.


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  • tell jim to fuck off and move on. you must believe in yourself. focus on your life , friends, and your hobbies. you must remember, once a cheater, always a cheater. i know it is difficult for you, but you have figiven him once, now he is hurting you again, so just move on with your life, you deserve one better, God sees everything, he will get his demon


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