Is he testing the waters?

So we had 'the talk' after 2 years and it it didn't end too well. He came up with, " I dont see a future together because we are different people." And then eventually the whole talk became a hot mess when I confrontred him about a girl he had a side thing with for a couple of days (he thought i would never find out).
He was super annoyed and then I never replied to any of his stupid messages saying that he'll block me and sh*t! I didn't act needy or desperate and completely ignored him since that moment on. Its been two months and we've not been in contact.
However; he recently left me a random snap on snapchat.

I dont understand why? I was very clear about 'NOT being friends'. And likewise, he doesn't want to commit to me. And OBVIOUSLY it was not by mistake!

What does he want now?

I gave him 2 years of my life to string me along; wasn't that sufficient?


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  • The writing on my own wall and all here, dear, is you woulds think 'I never relied to any of his stupid messages' Would Be... Sufficient enough.
    However, with the Snap, Pop and Crackle song and dance Routine that is back again, he may be Missing the Kissing and the history you both shared and this is way of Venting to get you to Answer Him... Again.
    Don't fall for this fool. He can't be trusted and you both never see eye to eye, as being a girl and a guy, who have grown apart, although not really totally in Heart.
    He has told you how he feels with the No commitment line so with that being said, put it to bed and don't sing him another lullaby.
    Good luck. xx

  • It seem like he wanted to get back together!


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