Why do females seem to hate their ex?

I don't get how my ex can say I am her best friend so she wants to stay friends.. Then when I say I can't right now she seems to become cold and seems to hate me. Blocked me on social media.. Then a week later unblocked me on Facebook. It is probably worse then the break up, knowing my ex/best friend seems to hate me and acts like I meant nothing to her. Why do females do this?


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  • Usually if an girl ignores you or blocks you it's because she feels upset and hurt for some reason. Silence is a girls loudest cry. She doesn't hate you, she still cares about you. If she didn't care she would feel indifferent towards you. Her behaviour screams... she still has feelings for you. She wants you to show you care too

    • How do I show her I care.. When I know if I talk to her she will get mad or think she has control of me. I have done 2 weeks nc.. But last week she text me telling me to not talk to her friends. Which is a mural friend of ours. So I'm not sure how to go about this.

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  • I hate to admit it, but I have done this. Blocked... unblocked. People can go through an emotional rollercoaster when they and a spouse break up. It's all part of the grief and loss process. 1. Denial 2. Anger 3. Bargaining 4. Depression 5. Acceptance. And you can go back and forth between the first 4 until you have reach phase 5. Just try not to be too hard on her during this period.

    • I am not being hard on her. I have not reached out or tried to contact her for about a couple weeks now. Only reached out 1 time in the month to see how the cat was feeling because it was sick. I am not going to contact her and let her have her space. I will wait till she wants to talk. If she does.

  • Getting rejected and dumped tends to bring out the worst in people. It's hard to not feel emotions when the person you love doesn't want you.

    • This is true. It was her choice to leave to focus on herself. We ended on good terms

  • i hate my ex he abuse me when we was together and i don't want to be friends with ya no please we are ex for reason

    • I'm sorry your ex was abusive. I would never speak to him as well. No man should ever abuse a women.

  • I hate my ex because he cheated on me and is a prick.

    In other cases, she may worry she's leading you on by staying in contact if she broke up with you or feel too sad seeing your updates if you broke up with her.

    • She ended up leaving me after 2 years. Wasn't a bad break up.. She just said she felt like right now she needed to focus on herself and be independent. I respected her and we have heatedly talked after I said I can't be friends right now.

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    • No. Thanks for the advice!!

    • Good luck! It's hard at first, but gets easier.

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