When is it time to break up with your GF?

Been going through some rough patches lately in my relationship. Wondering what are some signs that it it time to move on. I love this girl, but sometimes love just doesn't feel like enough for things to really last.

Example: I come from a very close family. She does not, or at least she is not close with her family. My family gets together a lot for birthdays, holidays, camping, etc... She thinks that this is weird, and never attends even though she is invited all the time, and she knows that it is important to me. It is getting to the point where I know she will say no before I even ask her. I end up going to all these things alone, like I don't even have a girlfriend.

I realize she can't go to everything, but she won't even if she has nothing to do. She has met my parents 2-4 times in our 1 year & 3 month relationship. I told her recently if she missed Christmas and Thanksgiving (also my birthday) she can find a new boyfriend.

She makes it so much worse by avoiding them all the time. What should I do


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  • Your girlfriend sounds selfish, however you sound selfish as well. You said it yourself, she doesn't come from a background with an endearing family that celebrates stuff like that.

    Why force things considered foreign to her?

    As much as it may hurt you, it shouldn't. You waited far too long in this relationship to make her participation in your family events a dealbreaker. So far, you've been with her for a whole year.

    She's a grown woman. You can't force her to suddenly change her opinion on family gatherings, when she never experienced that.

    Try to be a little more understanding and see things from her point of view

    • I have been. The problem is if I am willing to see it from her point of view, then she should see it from mine as well right? I told her early on in the relationship that if she was going to be with me she would have to deal with my family. She agreed to this and said she would change, until it comes time to actually change, then the only thing she changes is her mind.

    • It's your call man. If your love for her doesn't overpower the dealbreaker, then it's best to call it quits

  • Love is measured by the bad times in a relationship, not the good. A great relationship is not having the absence of problems, but having the ability to communicate and resolve any issues within the relationship.

    You know it is time to let go and move on when there is nothing left worth fighting for. Or if only one of you is fighting to save the relationship.


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