Can sleeping with/dating other people asap, help you get over a breakup?

This is the best relationship I've ever been in, but he's moving away (permanently) and I'm just wondering how best to get over him. I feel like dating around might help, but also be disrespectful of what we've shared.
In your experience, is this a good idea? And if not, how to get over someone?


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  • I think you need time to heal first and get the ex fully out of your system. I do think going on dates help. It shows moving forward. Also making yourself happy helps and you should move on and enjoy life. Sometimes we have no control over things that happens in our life.

    • Thank you very much for the upvote.

    • No worries, probably get MHO - I wasn't really acknowledging that I should leave time to heal, sex and dating seem like a temporary band-aid for the pain, but I just don't want to feel the hurt...

    • That is true sex and dating would be a temporary band aid. It sucks that he is moving away and that he was your best relationship. I hope you can find somebody better.

  • To really get over a person you need to not dwell on what you shared and worry about disrespecting it. If you are going to get over a person don't worry that something will disrespect what you shared.


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