Getting over the fact she was with someone else sexually when you were apart?

recently one of my ex's reappeared , were not like back together or anything i just ran into her one night and we talked but i got the feeling she had missed me and that there might be a chance to reconnect. but there is a lot of things i have an issue with. one is that i suspect her number of sexual partners has increased significantly from the time we originally meet. i know she was in a rebound relationship for a while after we broke up and that she had likely been with him sexually , but i suspect there has been other guys as she went to a lot of bars and parties and often drank a lot. she also spent the most recent summer out west working at a hotel and i have no clue what she was doing out there , she was there with one of her gf's but i suspect strongly there were some sexual hook ups during her time away. well we were not together when any of this happened it bothers me to think of what she might of been up to some nights and it makes me wonder what kind of girl she has become at this stage of her life. she had been a fairly nice girl when she was younger but all the drinking really brought out a different side of her


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  • Personally I wouldn't worry about that too much, my ex ( Now current ) slept with quite a few other women while we were apart, all it did was make him realize how much he missed me and needed me.
    If you still have concerns about this then be up and honest with her, and talk to her about it, girls ALWAYS love honesty even if it's about this kind of stuff.
    She may be a bit mad or annoyed at first, but it's better than lying and losing her trust.

    • yeah that's kind of what I'm worried about is that she's been with a bunch of other guys and than realised she still wanted to be with me more but by this point she is becoming less of a quality girlfriend and more of a bar whore. but she is type of girl that is really in demand from guys so maybe she just has a lot of options and doesn't necessary have sex with them all I'm not really sure

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  • did'nt you date other people too? it's normal

    • I guess but its still hard to think that the girl who could of been your serious girlfriend was out having sex with another guy, she wasn't just some random girl from the bar , she was the type of girl who still had a lot of her innocence when I first meet her , its hard to come to terms with who she ended up becoming as she grew older

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    • i don't know with certainty exact what she had done or hadn't done with the other guys in her life , I pretty much just assumed they had been in an intimate relationship. I had tried to date some other people when we were apart , there was other girls I had meet and had a chance with but things never really got serious and I didn't have sex with them. but I did meet other girls and such but no relationships

    • may be she's been through the same too. the question is did yo not sleep with the other women because you COULD NOT or did not WANT TO. because then if she slept with other people you can't judge her. Again I'm someone who don't take an ex back, after they're been with someone else, even if they didn't sleep with them. It would be an exception if i take someone back.

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