I'm so confused. What should I do?

Last week was quite a week for me and my ex we got into our first fight in over 3 months. Although I think things are better I'm not so sure, I'm extremely confused at some things that happened during the fight. In the fight he told me I was just a friend which I was very confused about because he never officially said that until at that moment. I questioned him friends? And he said friends. I then started to go on about what happened to the things that he said a few months ago about taking it slow and he said nothing. So I then said I guess I'll go find someone who will love me because obviously he put me in the friend zone. He tells me to stop after I said that, he got upset because I told him that I would go to someone I passed up while waiting for him to make up his mind and then he gets upset again. I don't understand and I'm extremely confused.

I really don't know what he wants anymore, I've tried to ask him if he's still interested in me and I get nothing. I go on about things he has said and he doesn't say anything. I seriously want to give up. I don't know why he won't answer me. Last time I mentioned something about being friends he told me not to say things that I didn't mean. I do want to talk to him, but with his ex back in the picture I don't think his answers will be real. I want to stay far away now that she is back because I don't want to end up hurt like the last time. What should I do?


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  • Don't get involved in the drama


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