My ex just keeps looking at me, and I'm getting confused?

My boyfriend dumped me just short of a month ago, and the breakup has been really messy. I was in tears first, but gave myself some time to cool down. I've just been trying to have fun with my friends and show that I'm fine without him. I've been trying to focus on improving myself and exerting the negative emotions into positive energy. I found out that--even after a long, seemingly happy relationship with him--I was just a little too cuddly for him, and I exhausted him to the point of unexpected breakup. There's been little to none communication between us, but there's still a lot of drama floating around. Oddly enough, I notice he keeps stealing brief glances and stares at me when he thinks I can't see it. Not mean or intimidating stares, rather curious or observant stares. But he keeps trying to evade communication or getting too close. So I figured he was over me. What exactly is the purpose of this behavior?


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  • You are no stranger to him and he must know you're a good person, and maybe there things he still likes about you. But if he doesn't communicate it's probably because he doesn't want to create false expectations of getting back together or something.

    • Honestly, after reflecting on it, I feel like he likely avoids communication for either two reasons:
      A. He's intimidated by my family and friends, he's fairly shy and not one for fighting if it can be avoided.
      B. It makes him uncomfortable to talk to me because it hurts him. That's why he stopped texting me after the breakup, he said it hurt him too much.

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