Its been a month and im still broken. part 1/2?

im 18 years old and my now ex girlfriend Elsa have broken up. we were together a year 3 months and 11 days. its now been a month since then and im so broken. i loved this girl with everything i had and she said she loved me. but im getting ahead of myself. we met at a donut shop where we both worked we stared talking one day and i got her phone number we started texting nonstop i started to develop feelings for this girl. so eventually after 2 weeks of talking and hanging out we made it official and i was so so happy. we were happy and as time went on things got better and better and 3 months into this relationship i told her i loved her. she froze. she didn't say it back and said she wasn't ready. i told her that was fine i just wanted her to know how i felt and i told her not to feel pressured to say it. i told her i wasn't going ot say it until she was ready because i didn't want to make her uncomfortable. one week later she wrote me a love letter confessing everything telling me that she loved me and again as time went on we talked more and more about our futures together and the hopes and dreams we had for each other and our lives together. her hope was to move away from our small town and move to a big city 6 hours away and go to college. i told her that was awesome and that i wanted her to follow her dreams. in fact i pushed her to go to the school 6 hours away instead of one closer because i knew it was what she wanted. eventually our relationship got more and more serious we started to have sex and it was wonderful. i was her first and she was mine and i was content with being her first and last and she was content with being mine. we were in love. but the time was drawing near for her to leave for school. i had one ore year of highschool left and she was about to start college. i never asked her to stay. i never asked her to not leave me. she left she went away to school. then 2 weeks in i could feel things changing i missed her a lot but things didn't feel the


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  • My friend took 5 years to "get over" her love.

    She doesn't talk about him anymore and stuff.

    I am not saying it will take you years.
    She took it slow because of some reasons like not removing him from social media and stuff.

    It will take more than one month to move on from someone you cared about

    Heck I have trouble moving on from a crush in one month.

    • i get that but i would assume it would get a little bit easier. that i would see some kind of improvement. instead i feel as if its getting worse

    • Nah, getbbusy, improve yourself.

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