Its been a month and im still broken part 2/2?

things started to shift and feel different. she wanted to hang out with all of these new friends and i was okay with that. she's 6 hours away i trust her. i had trouble still with her meeting new guys who were quickly becoming friends of hers and the same with girls. i didn't know these people so i had no idea of they were going to have her best interest in mind or not. so she comes home for the fiorst time since she's been gone. we spend the morning together before my little sisters soccer game and as im taking her home she says she needs to be hapoy and that im what makes her happy and that she loves me i tell her i love her too and im glad i can make her happy. she goes home and then me and my sister head to her soccer game where elsa and her sister are because my sister and her sister play on the same team. so i show up and she's on the phone with one of her friends and as i walk over and kiss her on the cheek i can her that she's talking about me. after she gets off the phone she denies that it was about me and i let it go. what doies it matter? i want to enjoy the little time we have left. also her mother never liked me i forgot to mention that earlier. she never liked me adn never wanted me and her to be togther. so after the games over i walk up to her and she tells me that we need a break and im confused because i dont know where any of this is coming from. she tgells me things dont feel the same. that she doesn't see me as a part ofn her future anymore. that she deosnt know what she wants. i was devistated. she tells me shell call me later and well talk about it. so she does i wait around for 4 hours and she finally calls and we talk for 2 hours as i beg for her to give some reasoning and her final reason was because she wasn't good enough for me. now its been a month and im still so fucking broken and i dont know how to get over her. i loved her with everything i had and she's gone and we dont talk anymore and i dont know what to do to be happy anynmore.


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  • The only way to deal with the hurt is to put your time and energy into keeping busy. Keep active, try something new, spend time with friends and keep your mind on things other than her.

    Sometimes you have no choice but to move on from people and move forward with your life. If she wants to be part of your life then she'll " catch up". Don't lose yourself while trying to hold onto someone who doesn't care about losing you. Accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be. Once you let go of the past something better always comes along.

    • your right. its just hard to let go. its hard to let go of the way she looked at me. how it sounded when she said my name and when she said i love you. those things haunt me all the time. it wasn't supposed to be this way. we were the 1% that was supposed to make it. I don't know anymore. im not sure how to let go of someone who was my whole world

    • Aww i am sorry , i can see you are deeply hurt. Letting go doesn't mean you forget them , it means you find a way of surviving without them. Letting go is hard, but holding on is much more painful. Your heart is stronger than you imagine., it can be broken and crushed, but it will heal and you will love again.

      At the moment the pain is still raw and your heart is broken, but yet you still love her with all of the little pieces, but i promise you if you let go and accept what can't be... you will think of her and smile instead of being overwhelmed by pain. 💛

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