Do you think it is her, or her parents, or both?

Me and this girl hooked up and had sex. She was legal to have sex with but still under 18 [she was 16 at the time of intercourse]. I was 20 years old.

We got into an argument. I said some stupid and hurtful things. All contact with her was lost. Her number was disconnected. Her Instagram vanished. Her twitter was wiped. I mean every avenue of contact with her was GONE.

Now I was retarded and told her older sister that I took her cherry. Knowing how religious her family is I wonder if it got back to mom or dad and they put heavy restrictions on her.

But at one point she did mention she was trying to block me. But I thought the cell number disconnection was a little extreme. But then again I wonder if it was from her parents.

Bet then again, being a 17 year old teenager you think if she really wanted to talk to me she would find any possible way she can.

So I don't know. It really doesn't matter any more but I was wondering what you guys think.


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  • Hard to say... id go with her parents... just a guess

  • 20 and 16? Get help. Stop abusing people that are too young to understand they are being used and abused you pedo perv.

    • It was a 4 year age gap. Stop being so mellow dramatic.

      She did have feelings for me at one point. I fell for her like mad. I am almost over it.

    • Oh and she was like 2 months away from turning 17 too.

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