How can I get him back?

I was dating this guy for two weeks then things ended because I seemed to have been falling to fast and he wasn't yet sure where this was going. But the thing is I didn't realize this. I want to date him again and take things slow I just don't know if he still feels for me?

What do I do?


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  • There is nothing you can do to get him back. He has already recognized that what he feels about you is not matching your feelings for him. Guys are more hesitant and take time to decide whether they can see a relationship but once they reach a point of deciding against one, anything you try to do will freak them out and cause them to avoid you at all costs.

    One of the biggest mistakes we make as girls and women is getting ourselves all attached and infatuated with a particular guy when he isn't feeling that for you. We then wonder how we can get THAT guy instead of opening ourselves up to waiting for the guy who thinks we are amazing. It is the guy who thinks you are amazing, that you then get attached to, that is the one who will give you a great relationship.

  • Tell him that you still love him.


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