What does it mean if a guy stops talking to you?

So ever since this guy found out I liked him he's been acting weird. My friend is the one that told him I did. I just wanna talk like we used to before he won't even reply back to my messages anymore, it says seen, he used to always reply back before this. Should I message him saying "I don't like you" or something like that just so he could talk to me again?


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  • Well I think ur friend freaked him out, he probably wasn't expecting that!
    About what u should do, U should express wht u feel for him & how ur friend wasn't suppose to tell him, in a loong looooong text, if he didn't reply he simply doesn't worth it!! U should move on!

    • I was thinking about saying this to him what do you think?
      Okay fine I'll be honest with you, I did like you because you were nice, funny, awesome, I like talking to you, you also look good lol and most people importantly because you have a great personality and I don't know just some other things too. But i don't know if you do that's why i didn't tell you but I'm totally cool with still being friends and stuff just like before

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    • Okay I'll wait a bit and yeah that's true although it'll be a bit hard to not talk at all since we were friends for about a year

    • Yeap!
      Gud luck!

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