I've been rejected by co worker and can't have a normal conversation with him. What to do?

Did it ever happened to you?
I ignored him for a while and now i wanna go back to being casual with him and its not easy.


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  • Girls do not get rejected, this is a male problem

    • Well i was sure i wouldn't get rejected because he always stared at me and behaved like a shy guy near me (he's a confident guy)

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    • Ye... everyone can get rejected i guess.
      If a girl you didn't like asked you out for coffee im sure you'd say no.

    • If I knew I could get my dick wet no

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  • well yes,
    but if he clearly dose not want to be friends dont forse it.
    but keep trying no matter what. just be nice to him in a way that says "im not being flirty but just a good person@

    • He is trying to talk to me. Answering me questions that i didn't ask him...

      I just can't start a convo like every thing is ok.

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  • Keep your distant, only interact with him if you have to and act professional


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