What do I do now?, do I chase him?

5 months ago I started seeing a guy, it was going really well and he soon developed feelings for me. I then found out I was pregnant with him, at the beginning he took it quite well, he was shocked and sat and looked at the yest for 2 whole hours. For the next few weeks he was very up and down about the baby, he then told his sister (who he shares a flat with to) that I am pregnant, she decided to tell him that he's not ready for a baby and some not nice things about me basically (when she's never met me), it's clear she has a massive influence over his life, she then decided to ask him if it's even his baby and said he can't afford a baby, he then turned on me and told me he didn't want the baby but wants me, he basically told me I had to choose between him and the baby.
He blocked me on Facenook and my phone number and ignored me for a week, I chased him and tried to get him to speak to me and eventually he did, he said he was sorry for doing it and that he's scared but still stuck by that he didn't want the baby.
After us talking again this week he told me he can't not have me in his life and he wants the baby and he will come to the scan and he wants to try bringing the baby up together, he's been talking about the baby for the past 2 days fine, said seeing pics of my small bump has made him feel differently alrrady. Tonight after he finished work we was talking and he said how its tough what people think as the baby comes first and he wouldn't want his baby not having a dad and that we will end up married soon and how he wants to be with me, i asked him if he had spoken to his sister as he had told her I wasn't keeping the baby and asked him if he had told her that we are now keeping it and he had decided to stand by my choice to keep the baby, out of nowhere I got a message saying 'i don't want this', now he's blocked me on everything and I can't get in touch with him, it's like he's wanting me to chase him as I have no idea why he woukd out the blue say that and block me?
What do I do?, do I chase him? Is he just panicking? ...


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  • What a stressful situation! Ok if he doesn't want it, you do. Be responsible, stop all these meaningless emotions. ... just think straight. Don't be a child telling him to choose between you and his sister, i think now you have to consider that there's a life inside you and it's million times more important than maintaining your relationship with that guy, just try your hard to focus because it's obvious that you're so confused right now, with pregnancy and the guy, his sister and the baby, crying and loads of regrets, but in auch times people show their real metal, i think now your first priority should be the baby, because remember, either it's alive or dead you have to choose or regret it for the rest of your life.


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  • Girl, it's time to do what you need to do for you and that baby! There's a possibility he's just freaking out, but you're going through this too, not just him! You need someone stable in your child's life. A good man will step up and raise another man's child, so don't worry about that, just put that baby first!


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  • He's a coward ! He has his part of responsibility in this, but you can't keep chasing him everytime he freaks out... I think


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