Should I still remain friends with my ex?

My so broke up with me out of the blue. To begin with, he never really approached me that much (especially later in our relationship). He is in the same class as me. Since we don't have breaks between classes, him and I didn't find convinient times to be together. Despite that, we flirted a lot while texting each other and one time he kissed my cheek and a few times I kissed his. Our relationship wasn't too serious. We used to be good friends before he said that he wanted to be my boyfriend. Today, I asked him if we are in relationship or a fling, and that's when he decided to end it between us. As I mentioned, I felt like our relationship wasn't too serious. That's why, I asked him if we were in a fling. He said he has no idea what's going on between us and he wants to break up. He wants me to look at the bright side which is he still wants to be my friend and he will never give up on me. I'm heart broken because I felt like he gave me false hope. I got really happy the day he told me that he wanted to be my boyfriend. I had hope that our relationship will grow, we will be together for a while, and now it's suddenly over. We used to get along very well and none of us cheated on the other. I'm confused why all of the sudden it's over between us. I really liked that guy.
It's hard for me to be his friend knowing that he broke my heart and he is now my ex, but I still want to make him happy.
What do you think is more fair, to take my feelings into consideration and not be his friend, or to make him happy by being his friend?


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  • - being his friend =you won't be able to continue in your life+ friendship will filled with jealousy and repressed feelings lead to desperation

    - not to be his friend= self-esteem+ new opportunities, new skills, different thoughts (positive) and new life.
    your happiness is more important than his happiness, be selfish and choose your

    Good luck...


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  • You can't move on while you're still friends!!! Seriously. Soon enough he'll get another girlfriend or will start dating another girl, and the hurt of actually seeing that will be pretty intense :S Just have a nice clean break so you can move on.
    If you don't want to lose him from your life, just leave it at least a few months before you return to being friends. Immediately after a break up you both need your space.

    Also, thats a major red flag for a guy being a player! The last guy who broke up with me wanted to "stay friends" and then ended up shagging me a few times and it just being "casual". Me thinking we were re-kindling stuff and then he tries to pull a girl with me there and says "what? there's no emotions here". It was really painful, breaking up but still being friends? It's like having their cake and eating it too. No. Just not a good idea in any scenario, especially when you're the one with feelings and he doesn't have them.


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  • Take your feelings into consideration and not be his friend.

  • Don't be his friend. It'll make you keep hurting

  • Not a chance move on


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