How to maintain friendship after seperation / breakup?

Long Story short, recieved this a few weeks back

Good morning Brian, sorry I have been closed off lately. I had gotten a new number so I apologize if you text and I didn't text back. I am at a point where I am moving on and I want to leave my past behind and remember our friendship in a good light. I do not wish to hurt you and I am sorry if this does! I wish you only the best in your future endeavors and hope that you continue to remember me in a positive way smile emoticon Take care and all the best!

The number was tied to her online ads for massage theropy so I can understand the change. I simply replied with just a thank you for everything and literatly asked her if I could reach out to her now and again, with her simple response being a smile face, so i do know there is open communication at least on Facebook

I guess what im asking is I realy do care about her and I was planing and sending a light mesage propbaly on Christmas to see how she's doing and to let her know I do care.

What should I say as I would like to keep our friendship open


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  • Why do you want to be friends with a woman who rejected your love?


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