Made contact with the ex help?

I was in a toxic relationship for a year we broke up a few months ago. He even left me for another girl. I mis him. I message him on Facebook saying so. I regret regret so so so bad as I'm with someone new. Help what if he replys. What do I do?


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  • Well noone can blame you for missing him. But maybe messaging him on Facebook wasn't the best idea.

    How long ago did you send that message? If he does message you back you could just clear things up and say how you feel now, you could even ignore him!

    I mean he did leave you for another girl so if I were you I'd stay clear from him. He may ask you back but don't fall for it!

    Anyway hope this helped!

  • were you drunk at the time? If he responds just ignore him again.

    • Unfortunately no, so that means I must genuinely want some contact but now I feel sick, pissed at my self and also excited. But I don't want him back...

    • Even drunk texts are genuine. don't beat yourself up about it, you are not the first person to do it, and you will not be the last. It sound like you already know getting back in contact with him is a really bad idea so just ignore him if he does respond

    • Thank you so much

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