How do I approach the situation with my ex?

My ex fiance and I recently split up and I'm trying to grasp why it ended with out any effort to fix it after a huge blow up. Her and I were about to get married and out of the blue I started feeling like it wasn't the right time to get married. The wedding got pushed up much quicker then originally planned and at the time I just went with it because I love her. I listened to my gut and delayed the wedding because we hadn't even lived together and paid bills together (school was to expensive). It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do knowing if she didn't support it I might lose her. She took it hard but she seemed to support it, however she started to get jealous days later for hanging out with a friend to much (workout friend who is female and has been in a relationship longer then my ex and I) instead of mending the relationship and spending more time with her. After I delayed the wedding I felt I needed to escape from the guilt and reminders of delaying the wedding and working out with my friend was a way to clear my head. Anyways she basically told me that I couldn't be friends with her anymore and when I said I should be aloud to have friends no matter what gender (cheating was never a thought in my mind), it turned into the blow up argument that ended it all. I don't even know who ended the relationship to be honest. Anyways she helped me move out of her parents place (we lived together there) and we were both emotional wrecks like this wasn't the right move. Week later she started saying there is no coming back from this, we can't fix this, love can't fix this etc. 3 weeks after the break up she deleted me off facebook friends list. I haven't seen her since the break up (2 months ago) and haven't talked to her over text for 27 days now. I love her to bits and it's driving me crazy, do I lose hope completely? She still has several pictures of us on Facebook. There was no closure nor attempt to fix anything. Do I give her space and let her come to me?


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