How do I forget him?

My boyfriend broke up with me last Sunday. After the tears I feel okay now but I can't stop thinking about him (not in a depressive way, I'm okay with the fact we broke up). I don't really miss him because I kinda more miss the relationship itself because it was too short to get really attached to him but it has become an habit to think of him since we got together and I can't get rid of it. Sure time will help but do you have any kind of advice I can take to make sure this happens sooner or things to occupy my mind with? Thanks! xx


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  • One word: time!

    The passage of time heals all wounds and what you miss today may not be what you'll miss tomorrow.


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  • Time, I know annoying but true, I speak from experience. Other things was occupy my time with frends and family, go for long drives, shopping, running and when I was ready I started to date other people! Also stay away from their social networks! Also he moved on almost immediately, so I kept in mind, "why the heck am I going to be sad whilst he is having a great time!"

    • Thank you! I'll keep that in mind :)

    • You're welcome, hope you forget him soon and find someone better in future :)

    • The future seems bright and these are the only things I hope for the future too right now! :)

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  • Time helps but the only thing that makes it move quicker is to find someone else.

    • Thanks! I wish I could find someone else... Not easy though :/

  • Ummm we can be friends and talk all day all night and I think you won't miss if you'll talk with me 😶?
    Do something you like to do and engage with something 😊👌

  • Hoes are destined to lead a sad life...

    • Thanks for being so helpful... But don't judge me and consider me as a hoe. You don't even know me nor the situation so you better keep your mouth shut.

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    • Sure... And why don't you get some big tape to tie your hands so you won't reply with stupid comments anymore?

    • Your mom is a stupid comment

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  • District yourself. Hang out with friends, focus on school, join a new sport, anything to take your mind off it.


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