I'm feeling really hurt what should I do?

A week ago today me and my ex got into an argument and at first I thought that things were bad, but towards the end we sort of made up and had a little casual conversation. My ex quit texting me after awhile and I decided to go to bed, later that day I decided to go no contact and not message him at all. It's been one week and I'm hurting pretty bad, our fight wasn't all that bad, but lately here I've been feeling like my ex doesn't care about me anymore. Now with his ex back in the picture I feel like he's not going to try to reach out and see what's going on. Last week he talked to me a little more than he did before, he kept saying that there was a reason why he hasn't been talking but I never asked him what that reason was. I was balling my eyes out last night because I just feel like he doesn't care anymore, I try to get him to open up and he goes silent on me he won't tell me if he's interested in me anymore nothing. We broke up 5 months ago, but he came back wanting a 2nd chance to work things out so we could eventually get back together. The whole time he's been back he's been hot and cold. I've gone a week and a few days of no contact before, and I ended up caving and texting him. I don't want to talk to him while he is talking to his ex because since she came back he's confused as ever. It would make me feel a little better if he messaged me saying, "hi" or "hey" to at least let me know he's thinking about me. I feel like this is a break up all over again the only difference is that he hasn't said that he's done talking to me or anything. How can I overcome this hurt? (besides moving on) I want to work things out with him not give up.


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  • I notice in your relationship the more you give a chance the more you get disrespect and disappointment. you have a feeling for him, but don't you have enough courage to be happy too?
    you just escape from yourself, by letting him using you as a backup plan.


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  • If you want to work things out this time and not give up then even though you may not want it, you have to speak to him first. Ask him what is going on between him and his ex, if you're still in a relationship, does he still have feelings for you and any other thing that is bothering you. Tell him that it hurts that when you two argue, you always have to be the first one who texts/talks to the other cause it seems like he does not care.
    And he has to tell the truth so that you can now if you two are going anywhere or he doesn't want to continue the relationship so that you can be set free and find someone who will LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY AND WOULD LOVE NOTHING MORE THAN TO TALK TO YOU ALL DAY.

    Basically you both just have to be honest with each other, and you must meet in person because if you text him these questions, he could stop texting in the middle.


    • That's where it gets complicated, we were in a long distance relationship so all we can do is text, he left me for his ex which lives closer to him. I so badly want to talk to him, but I can't bring myself to it because of his ex being back. He's told me that he doesn't plan on getting back with her and I am trying to believe that. I found out through Facebook that he's been working on himself, that maybe the reason he's been acting so cold and distant lately. I've tried talking to him about how I feel and he just goes silent. I've been honest with him he's been a little honest with me.

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    • i'm sorry but you have to it's the only way you will be free or set freed or now exactly where you two stand otherwise if you keep waiting, you could wait forever while he might just guess you two are broken up and move on while you're still waiting for that text.

    • We've been broken up since April he came back in July wanting a 2nd chance and I've given it to him. I don't know if he still wants to try to get back together or not I've asked him many times and he ignores me.

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