How to get over some who lead you on?

This guy at work lead me on for like half a year. He said he was confused or whatever but i just don't know what to do. I feel so sad about it and I dont know how to get over him. I am clinically depressed so everything is just making me feel worse. Please help me I can't take anymore sadness in my life.

thanks x


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  • Don't feel guilty for what a happened or blame yourself, or you'll start looking for your own frustration and accepted as a punishment that you deserve, and then you'll lose your desire in progress. there are a good things inside you, try to find those good things. it's better than sitting in darkness with a negative thoughts.
    you don't need to climb "Mount Everest, all you need is take a simple positive step forward.
    all you need is start and courage to make your life happy.

  • Never mind about being lead on you need to tackle your depression as that is more important.


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